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This lawn chair grammar does not generate a complete chair. It adopts a recursive approach to generate the planar components of the chair.

Specifically, it adopts an approach that comes close to a parametric shape grammar, using parametric directives to specify the size and gap distance of each newly added planar segment, and drawing the values to the directive's parameters from an appropriate description. For each type of planar segment, front, back, side and arm, there exists one description that specifies the size and gap distance for this planar segment. This description is retrieved by a parametric description that is part of the left-hand-side of the rule and matches the type of planar segment from the matching shape and the parameter values from the corresponding description.

The resulting (incomplete) chair:

The seven rules:

The complete derivation:

The relevant Rhino/GH files form part of the SortalGI plug-in.



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