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This grammar generates a garden design as a semi-random patchwork with a path meandering from one end of the garden to the other. It demonstrates how just a few rules can generate quite varying designs, using randomization.

The path rules each time pick one of three quasi-parallel lines, each quasi-perpendicular to the previous path segment. The resulting path may intersect itself. The randomization is here the result of picking a random match from all possible matches.

The last rule assigns a random label from a list of labels to each section of the garden. It does so using an attribute description to the plane segment being added. the description includes two functions. The first function picks a random number between zero and nine, ten being the length of the list of labels. The second function picks the item from the list corresponding the random index.

A first result:

A second result:

The twelve rules:

The derivation:

The relevant Rhino/GH files form part of the SortalGI plug-in.



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