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'Miesesque' is a small grammar generating a design resembling Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion. The objective here is not to achieve an accurate depiction; instead, the design is approximated to allow for a small number of rules to generate the configuration of stone and glass walls.

Perhaps the most important difference, other than that the design is incomplete, is the fact that the varying lengths of the wall segments are not taken into account here. In principle, this could be done with the same number of rules, simply by adding a number of parameters to the rule adding a wall segment. The values to these parameters could come from predefined descriptions. This is an approach followed in the lawn chair example. However, in that case, the descriptions reference specific parts of the chair, such as the seat, back, arm, etc., and their fixed relationships. Here, the parameters would need to be linked to specific matches or locations.

The final result:

The ten rules:

The derivation:

The relevant Rhino/GH files form part of the SortalGI plug-in.



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